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Feeling Younger: Natural Anti-Aging

Natural anti-aging is about aging beautifully without spending your money in anti-aging creams or surgery. It’s about choosing vitamins and minerals that feed your body and mind, and following healthy practices that nurture your spirit. The age reversing phenomenon has changed as people have justifiably become more concentrated on natural health and longevity.

Longevity-related words like mitochondria (mainly responsible for cellular energy production) and telomeres (sections of DNA that alter with age), which were previously restrained to science, are starting to become more common as many people embrace the concept of anti-aging. It’s a process that involves nurturing every single cell in our bodies.

As we get older, it’s just normal that our health and nutrition requirements will vary, and that we start wondering even more about what we can do now to maintain our bodies healthy into the long-term. With whole-body wellness, and natural anti-aging in mind, we’ve came up with some advice for health at every age.

 If you are in your 20s…

  • Establish healthy routines these days that will stay with you for a lifetime, such as being more aware of your food options and the nutritional standards, and including exercise and self-care time to your day-to-day lifestyle
  • Implement a skin care program, instructing yourself about products, and ingredients health benefits that might help in taking care of your skin
  • Take a multivitamins which includes the essentials to complete nutritional gaps in your eating habits; focus your attention on vitamin D, fish oil and essential fatty acids
  • Try to relax and recharge with more than 7 hours of sleep every night to enhance your mood, immune system and overall wellbeing

    If you are in your 30s…

    • In your 30s, bones continue strengthening, so take this chance and supplement your diet with calcium
    • Your body requires vitamin D, which our bodies produce when exposed to sunlight, to absorb calcium; if you a spend lot of time indoors, it’s wise to add a vitamin D supplement to your daily regimen for bone health, immune support and mood support too
    • Don't forget to exercise and and to keep your self-care time as a part of your daily routine
    • Concentrate on antioxidants, your food choices, and daily supplement routine; look for vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, which are found in rose hips, leafy greens and orange-colored fruits and vegetables like oranges, and carrots
    • Don’t forget about sleeping. You still need to aim for 7 or more hours of sleep each night

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       If you are in your 40s…

      • Monitor your diet in your 40s, reducing empty calories and consuming more leafy greens to increase your fiber intake and help preserve your vision with macular carotenoids like lutein
      • Improve your metabolism by including more movement to your day and think about taking metabolism-boosting supplements like maca, garcinia cambogia, or green coffee
      • For help falling asleep, be sure to exercise on a regular basis, relax your mind and body with meditation, or practice relaxing habits before bed
      • Always keep taking your vitamins and minerals so you satisfy any nutrient gaps in your eating regimen. As we age, our body’s ability to assimilate nutrients can decline, and it’s important to start thinking about changes to your supplement routine and how to choose the best supplements for you
      • Sleep is crucial to your general wellbeing. It might be time to think about your sleep regimen and if you should add sleep aid solutions like melatonin, magnesium or valerian root to help your sleep and wake cycle

        If you are in your 50s…

        • Keep on developing healthy habits and confront yourself to discover new ways to stay lively and be adventurous such as attempting one thing that frightens you every day
        • Monitor your joint health and flexibility, remembering to do physical exercise or move more every day
        • Sexual health is crucial at any age, and don’t be afraid to mention any issues with your physician or review supplement options for ways to support passion and sexual health, such as maca
        • Make sure to increase comfort and better sleep with regular meditation and good sleep practices, like avoiding electronics within one hour of bed and caffeine after 4 p.m.

          If you are in your 60s+…

          • Preserve your health and energy by exercising more each day and making sure you follow a diet high in whole foods, including fresh vegetables and fruits. Fiber helps improve regularity, especially as we get older
          • Have plenty of brain-boosting nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, curcumin (found in turmeric)
          • Stay energetic and socially active! Your body may be transforming, but that doesn’t have to slow you down. It’s important to feed your mind and body by remaining socially active and building lasting relations. Studies show that people who keep healthy relationships can stay happier and maybe even live longer

             Anti-Aging Vitamins & Nutrients

            These are some of our favourite vitamins and nutrients for their anti-aging attributes:

            • Omega-3 for heart, brain and vision support
            • B-complex vitamins for promoting energy levels and preserving your body against oxidative stress
            • Vitamin C as an antioxidant vitamin to help support a healthy immune system
            • Vitamin D for bone and teeth health, and immune system support (many age-related health concerns have been linked to lack of vitamin D)
            • Vitamin E an antioxidant vitamin that plays a pivotal role in overall health and brain health
            • Turmeric is a natural tonic for the liver and digestive system and helps cardiovascular and joint health. It also contains curcuminoids for defense against free radicals
            vigoria quality vitamins supplements UK